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Monday, November 29, 2010

We are Accountable to our Supporters/Donors

I believe that a proper amount of transparency and complete accountability is necessary for trust to be established between the Nurture the Creative Mind Foundation and our supporters. With that said I have put together a list of NCM Foundation purchases that have been made in the last year that justifies the donations you, the supporters, have so graciously given.

Cost of 8 week program per class-
-Materials- $250x6=$1,500
-Reinforcers- $150x6=$900
-Music education scholarship package (1st place poetry contest winner)- $150x6=$900
- 2nd and 3rd place poetry contest winner (poetry book)- $40x6=$240
-Certificates- $25x6=$150
*8 week program total for 6 classes=$3,690

Marketing and Promotion i.e. fliers, banners etc.- $250

Web Site- $2,500 (donated)
NCM Tees- $350
Book publishing- $1,300
-Printing- $1000
-ISBN- $300
*book cost=$2,700
-2 books will be published this year

State registration- $75
Federal registration- $850
*registration total=$925

Camera for documentary- $250
Camcorder for documentary- $400
Mac G5 computer for documentary- $1500
-$900 of cost was deducted NCM Foundation paid $600
*documentary cost=$1,250
-the documentary has not been created yet so this total does not reflect all the costs that will be incurred by the NCM Foundation in the creating of the film.

Total overall cost to run the Nurture the Creative Mind Foundation for one year is estimated at $8815.00+
*this does NOT include any personal compensation for any of the members that are affiliated with the Nurture the Creative Mind Foundation

The total amount that has been donated in the past year is estimated to be $5,175.00

Total amount that the NCM Foundation incurred directly in the last year=$3,640.00

Thank you all very much for your continuing support. The future of the NCM Foundation is bright and this is due to supporters like you. On behalf of the entire NCM family you are much appreciated and I personally am eternally grateful.

Peace and Blessings,
Amir A.H. Jackson, NCM Founder
"The whole is always
greater and stronger
than its individual parts"

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