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Friday, October 29, 2010

Words from our Supporters and Sponsors

"At Solstice we are very excited about the early results of the program.
Solstice is a residential treatment center for teenage girls. Mr. Jackson works with our girls on expressing themselves through the arts. His time has been very beneficial to our students.
Our students come from a variety of backgrounds and many do not possess healthy ways to handle what life has thrown them. The outlet of poetry is a wonderful way to help them improve. Also, the students who Mr. Jackson has been working with are doing better with their regular course work.
Amir kindly donates his time to students who have not had the easiest of lives and shows them hope. For that I am thankful to him."
Lisé A. K. Palmer
Assistant Academic Director

"We noticed week after week the excitement and interest that the youth expressed concerning the Nurture the Creative Mind program and the things they were learning. In between individual sessions, the youth would put into practice the concepts that they had been learning from the Nurture the Creative Mind Program. youth that had never had any significant interest in poetry were giving it a chance."
Matthew Newbury
Site Coordinator, Stampede Program

"Amir recently came to our club to demonstrate, first hand with our youth, what the Nurture the Creative Mind Program entails through a workshop. The teens were engaged and it was evident that they were receptive towards what Amir was teaching. After the programs display, The Boys and Girls Club is eager and looking forward to establishing a routine schedule to where Amir can come in weekly to execute the full Nurture the Creative Mind Program.
I and the staff at the Midvale Boys and Girls Club believe programs such as this that help and allow teens to express themselves are necessary in developing the minds of our youth. Most of our teens come from broken families with below poverty level income. A lot of them sadly don’t even believe that they have talents or that they will never amount to anything.
We hope that we will be able to have the honor of Amir teaching his full course at our Club. The impact that we foresee could be "The" impact that actually contacts the core of our teens and then leads them to a new and positive shift in their thinking."
David Brooks
Youth Development Professional

"Anyone who works with Amir Jackson knows that writing poetry and expressing himself through music is what allows him to connect so well to the students that he works with. I however, looked at the NCM program and sought to put my own stamp on how I taught the children in my class. First, my talents are in literature and performance and my perspective on writing follows the same lines. In our follow-up meetings, Amir and I discovered the adaptability of the NCM curriculum. The pliability of the program means that students from mid-elementary school grades to disenfranchised youth in treatment programs can all benefit from the same curriculum. The only change is the performance of the packaging."
Stephanie K. Heath, MA
Recruitment Coordinator
Teachers of Tomorrow & FEA-Professional Advisor

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