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Saturday, October 16, 2010

"We Are..." May 2010 Speech

First I want to address the students that I have spent time with over the last few months. The time spent has never seemed to be enough, but I want each of you to know that in the little time that we have shared I have grown to care about each of you deeply and individually. I want you each to know that you are all very special to me. I speak for your family, our community, our society and the world; we need and are grateful for you. I want to tell you and you to believe that the possibilities in life for you are countless and without boundaries. Remember that it is not always the most intelligent, talented, or the brightest that make it, but often those who persevere. The individuals that meet their obstacles head on, look them in the face, assess and overcame them, those who do not ask the question why me, rather what now?
Now to the parents and audience members, thank you for supporting these students. Understand that you have provided a lantern of light and the smile that you see on the children’s faces and the laughter you hear is a mere shadow of the light that shines within them.
I wanted to take a brief moment to explain what the NCM Foundation is and how the program works. As I was preparing the details of what I would outline I realized that telling you about our established curriculum and our lessons would only give you a surface understanding of what it is we really are about.
We the NCM Foundation are the counter investment to the sometimes negative investment of the media, society, music, and all other forms of negative stimulus up to and including the youth themselves. We do this because we understand that a positive investment in our youth today virtually insures a brighter tomorrow. We do this because proactive positive attention greatly lessons the need for negative attention later. We do this because failing youth is the blame of the society that has failed them. When we ask what has happened to are youth? All we need to do is look toward ourselves and there the answer will be.
We help the student see the value in themselves and the worth of others. We illustrate how regardless of race, ethnicity, gender, socioeconomic status, religion, and background all are important and should be respected and appreciated as a basic rule and not a luxury. All of this we do with the colorfully distracting packaging of poetry and music. So if you have questions concerning what it is we do; look toward the place where you will find our future, just look toward the children they have tangibly displayed what it is we do and the significance of it.
We are the positive counter investment, this is what we do and we ask you to please help us so we can continue doing what is so very much needed.

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