Fox 13's Coverage of the NCM Foundation

Saturday, July 3, 2010

NCM's KUED Channel 7 Interview

Recently i was blessed with a great opportunity to be interviewed on KUED Channel 7 about the Nurture the Creative Mind Foundation and our upcoming Starving for Education event (ABOVE VIDEO). At times it is a bit overwhelming to see how far the NCM Foundation has come and the impact that it has had in a relatively short period of time. Although overwhelming it is of little surprise because the NCM Foundation's supporters, you, are of the highest of caliber. if i do not say it often enough thank you, thank you, thank you. The NCM Foundation's Mission is one that strives to better our youth and because of this, any success that the NCM Foundation achieves is a success for us all; our community, our, society, our country, and the world over.
I leave you with words that have guided me along my path: Be humble, be genuine, be thankful. Appreciate and value everyone you come across. Lead by example, words they are not enough. Always remember that the whole is greater and stronger than its individual parts.
I love and am grateful for you all. Peace and Blessings


  1. What an amazing profile! The work you do matters to our campus, community and most importantly to young people everywhere who learn the power of language and the freedom of words. I cannot wait to see what you do next and will be a happy contributor come Friday!

  2. I am not quite sure who you are. not that it matters completely it would just be nice to thank you personally. regardless of who you are you are most certainly fully and sincerely appreaciated.
    thank you for the encouraging words and energy, it is what helps me to continue on this path. Peace and Blessings,
    Amir A.H. Jackson