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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Remain Focused and True:

We at Nurture the Creative Mind Foundation are extremely passionate about the vision and hope that we one day will be a national organization. Not too long ago we were approached by a well established company, that will remain unnamed, about the possibility of partnering with them. They offered to bring our founder to another state to meet with them. Before he went he emailed them outlining a few request that would need to be addressed before a partnership or a meeting would be possible. Below you will find the exact details that we requested be addressed... We never heard from them again.

Primary Questions
1. Control/security
2. Compensation breakdown
1. Contract outlines
a. Timeline
b. Separation of companies
c. Usage restrictions
A. Timeline
i. 1 year contract
ii. Extension considered after 1 year expiration
B. Separation of companies
i. (unnamed company) and Nurture the Creative Mind are two separate entities
ii. Neither company has nor gains rights to the other
iii. Both companies to be represented when working in partnership
C. Usage restriction
i. Clearly stated and outlined that the material, data, programs, products, lessons, and name of either company is to be used only when working in conjunction with one another
ii. Clearly stated and outlined that the material, data, programs, products, lessons, and name of either company can not be used by the other when one or the other is not bound by contract
iii. Clearly stated and outlined that any audience that partakes in a workshop or presentation does not inherit rights to use data or materials nor teach programs or lessons without the written permission of the company whose material, data, lessons, and/or programs they would like to use
iv. Neither (unnamed company) nor Nurture the Creative Mind can create a program that indirectly or directly competes with the other
2. Compensation breakdown
A. Percentage or flat rate
B. Travel compensation

If you have a dream the only way to remain focused is to continuously refocus. you have to remind yourself why you began and do not be distracted or lured by momentary benefits. most of all DO NOT ALLOW OTHERS TO TAKE ADVANTAGE OF YOUR DESIRE TO SEE YOUR DREAM COME TO FRUITION. They will cheapen and dirty your pure intentions.

Peace and Blessings,
Amir A.H. Jackson
Nurture the Creative Mind Foundation, Founder


  1. May I say that I'm proud of you for "sticking to your guns," as they say and valuing the NCM methods and volunteers. Keep it up! I'm sure this won't be the last company to approach you.

  2. These are very reasonable and good items to stick to. Good for you on getting approached, and I"m sure it will happen several more times before you find a good fit. But that good fit will be worth the wait! :)

  3. Thank you Marissa for the encouragement.