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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Teacher Advocates for the NCM Foundation- Lindsay Masters-

The Nurture the Creative Mind Foundation is determined to make Blank Page, our recently published youth magazine, a permanent staple of the community. To insure this possibility becomes a reality we are reaching out to teachers in an attempt to establish a relationship with them and their students. Surprisingly this has been an unforeseen uphill battle. Despite the success of the NCM Foundation, Blank Page, and what seems to be an inevitable prosperous future for both, all of the teachers we had reached out to were reluctant to fortify a partnership.
That is to say, this was the case until we met Lindsay Masters. Lindsay is an Art teacher at a local High School and viewd passively supporting the NCM Foundation as unacceptable. That being the case she decided to become an advocate for our mission soliciting over 30 students to participate in Blank Page magazine as writers and graphic artists. We are exceptionally excited about this relationship and its boundless future potential.
Lindsay Master's is truly a NCM advocate that we are proud and honored to embrace into the NCM Foundation's family.

To read more about Lindsay or to see some of her work please follow this link:

If you or someone you know would like to partner with the Nurture the Creative Mind Foundation and be a part of Blank Page our youth driven street magazine please visit our facebook page and leave a message

Thank you!

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