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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Cool Earth Day Happenings

We at The Nurture the Creative Mind Foundation have been thinking "Wouldn't it would be really cool if someone would combine fun activities for for all ages, family fun, creativity, education, and civic responsibility?" Well while we were thinking about it someone was doing it. Read the information below about some of the local Earth Day happenings and you can check the "All the above box" for fun, entertaining and cheap.

Salt Lake City-
EARTH JAM is a fun and exciting Non-Profit f=Festival that has taken place within Salt Lake's Liberty Park for the last 20 years to celebrate “EARTH DAY”. This Festival is FREE for all individuals, and features 40 live bands, DJ's, Theatre, and various dance groups, alongside local Artists, art decor, crafts, and food. There will also be a free children's garden, with learning and activities for the youth to explore and participate in. There will be a variety of booths displaying their talents, artistic abilities, or support for our “Earth”.
Earth jam will be a two day event. One of the goals of the Earth Jam Festival is to raise awareness about Earth friendly, and more importantly, "People Friendly" local community programs available such as recycling, gardening, composting, tree planting, wilderness preservation, and more. Come enjoy a weekend full of information, music, art, good food and fun. A great environment for the family and way to learn about our natural World and how we can support and protect our resources.

Where: Liberty Park
When: April 28th & 29th
Time All day

More event information can be found on Facebook at

They will be packing in the house at the Ogden Nature Center with tons of earth-friendly ideas, booths, workshops and activities! All of Utah's green gurus will be on hand and activities will range from composting lectures, to hoola hooping! Children love the water trailer and the rock climbing wall while adults enjoy taking home special plants from the native plant sale. Read more for all the details.

Where: Ogden Nature Center, 966 W. 12th Street
When: Saturday, April 21
Time: 12 noon - 4 pm

More event information can be found at

Blog Writers: Boosey Bossalina & Amir A.H. Jackson

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