Fox 13's Coverage of the NCM Foundation

Monday, March 26, 2012

NCM Makes the News!

YAAAAAAY!!! The Nurture the Creative Mind Foundation and our newly published youth driven street magazine was recently featured on Fox 13 news The topic of discussion was the innovative nature of Blank Page magazine to combine education and creativity. The students interviewed represented the NCM Foundation extremely well sharing their thoughts on the impact of Blank Page and their enjoyment of being a part of something they felt was meaningful and historic. After the video aired we were asked by 2 local organization to duplicate the magazine with their youth groups. So i think it is safe to say that the Fox 13 coverage was effective.

The out poor of community support has been quite overwhelming. We have been invited to host three summer programs for organizations such as the YMCA, The YCC, and The Arts in the park program. We will also be the highlighted community organization of the Ogden Arts festival. In between now and then we have more than a few events coming up. below is a list and the descriptions of the events you could attend over the next few weeks.

As always... Thank you for your support

March 26th, 7-9pm: Utah Valley University NCM Benefit- Utah Valley University will be hosting a benefit concert for the Nurture the Creative Mind Foundation a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that partners education, creative expression as well as character development in an effort to create multidimensional youth who celebrate diversity while promoting unity, dignity, self-value and universal appreciation.

April 6th, 6-8pm: Poetography- An exhibit that uses creative and artistic expression to empower marginalized youth within the Ogden community, helping them establish self-value and dignity through the application of poetry and photography.

April 13th, 9-midnight: Blank Page release party and Chuk's fashion show- The Nurture the Creative Mind Foundation and Chuk's vintage clothing have teamed up once again. This time for Blank Page magazine release party and fashion show brought to you by Chuk's.

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