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Monday, February 27, 2012

Weekly Update: Blank Page Launch A Success!

(Photo Credit: Cat Palmer)

Everyone has been absolutely excited to read the newest edition of Blank Page is the last two weeks. Local businesses have had many a customer reading our wonderful youth run magazine and we couldn't be happier. Here are some comments of readers in Weber and Davis counties.

“I loved reading the debut edition of "Blank Page." I wish I were young enough to contribute. ;) I enjoyed the interview with Tyler Smith.

I think it's a great "perspective generator" for youth.” - Ginny Stout, Ogden City Arts, Director

“This is awesome. Love it.” –Carey Van Wagoner, Little Cherry Blossoms, Owner

“This looks outstanding -- looking forward to the published issue.” –Jon Boyack, NCM Supporter

“What a great piece this magazine is! I love that it's all written by the kids and it's a nice blend of information and personal reflection. I can't wait to see the finished product.” - Diane Stern, Weber Arts Council, Director

“This looks better than the magazine I used to write for (Wasatch Woman). I am impressed beyond measure. Great work. I love that it is youth driven and indicates their perspectives. I also love that it highlights the alumni from NCM - that is genius.” – Adrienne Gillespie

“This looks outstanding -- looking forward to the published issue.” –Jon Boyack, NCM Supporter

"I am lucky enough to have the opportunity to catch a sneak peak of Nurture the Creative Mind's Blank Page! Absolutely amazing edification from youth in the community." -Chad Schiffman, NCM Supporter

"Abstract, eye catching, mind consuming and just overall amazing piece!" Larry Turcotte, NCM Supporter

"What a GREAT project." -Kathy Ashton, N. Layton Jr. high, Principal

We are also working with the YMCA to premiere our new Poetography project with the super talented Cat Palmer. The mission of this exhibition is "To use creative and artistic expression to empower marginalized youth within the Ogden community, helping them establish self-value and dignity through the application of poetry and photography."

Be sure to catch the exhibit at Grounds For Coffee on 25th street in the next month. The students have never been more inspiring and show the amazing power of poetry in youth's lives.

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