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Friday, December 9, 2011

Weekly Accomplishment Update

This week Amir and the students closed the last workshop for 'Blank Page' on Wednesday. We are just editing the articles, choosing the layout and cover, then it will go to print to be released late January or early February.

We are almost finished with the song that the young 10-12 year old girls from Youth Impact are working on. It is call 'I am a Queen' and is about empowerment. The chorus is "I feel good. I feel happy, up and down on my Summer swing. Because I realize that I am a Queen".

We have also secured an eight week workshop with the YMCA and the youth they serve. We are very excited and look forward to our "secret" presentation of their work. Word is getting out in the YMCA community about our impact and it looks as though we may get even more opportunities to work with several schools. Everyone is very excited about this news.

Possibly the most exciting news of the week comes from a recent published article interviewing our founder Amir Jackson and listing all of the amazing work the foundation has been able to achieve thus far. The article gives Nurture The Creative Mind the chance to win a huge life altering grant, which would impact countless youth. This is an absolutely awe inspiring opportunity.

How can you help out? Follow this link to the article, LIKE the article on the sidebar of the website and then SHARE with others. By doing this simple task, you'll be aiding in something amazing. We appreciate all the support. We couldn't do it without you.

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