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Saturday, December 17, 2011

Season Of Giving

(Foundation members Chelsi Archibald, Stephanie Heath and Amir Jackson pose with guitar package recipient McKayla)

In the spirit of giving and the holidays we decided to give a guitar package including a stratocaster electric guitar, guitar case, tuner, guitar lesson DVD, guitar lesson book with CD, and a month of free lessons.

We are still plugging away to finish the editing of our youth driven magazine Blank Page, which is scheduled for printing late January 2012.

Nurture the Creative Mind continues to expand our reach. Recently we have secured a partnership with 88.1 Weber fm. The students of NCM will be able to host a monthly show at which time they will be able to discuss topics pertaining to the youth of the community.

The article that was recently written on the NCM Foundation has been getting a great amount of visibility and currently we are in first place as far as "likes" go. PLEASE visit the article if you haven't yet and if you have PLEASE continue to support by sharing the link. The $50,000.00 grant that goes to the winner would be life altering for the youth that the Nurture the Creative Mind Foundation serves.

We are continually grateful for all the support in our community and the impact we are able to make in the lives of children.

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