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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Deja Mitchell- NCM's Newest Member & Artistic Dance Instructor

Déja Mitchell has a Bachelor's degree in Modern Dance from Utah State University. She has studied African dance and drumming for 14 years with numerous renowned teachers. She teaches African-based movement in an invigorating atmosphere with polyrhythms, which are the basis of African dance. She helps her students explore the depth and cultural significance of the dances, while making the movement accessible to beginners. She also teaches traditional African drumming rhythms and Djembe techniques as well as other tribal styles in a facilitated drum circle environment.

Deja is a frequent performer and gives interactive and educational workshops for all ages. Performances and workshops are customized. Entertainment can include an African drumming ensemble with dance performance.

About African Dance

African dance embodies athleticism and graceful beauty flowing with rhythm. Traditional dance in Africa occurs collectively, expressing the life of the community. African dance utilizes the concepts of polyrhythms and total body articulation. The traditional dances are a means of marking the experiences of life, encouraging abundant crops, and healing. It is also done for pure enjoyment and building community.

Deja is an amazing addition to the Nurture the Creative Mind Foundation Family and we look forward to building with her in the future.

If you are interested in participating in dance classes instructed by Deja please leave a message here or contact the NCM Foundation Director Amir A.H. Jackson via email Thank you

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