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Friday, November 18, 2011

'Blank Page' After School Workshop

(Students attend the blank page workshop)

The past week for the Nurture the Creative Mind Foundation began with an after school workshop for our upcoming street magazine Blank Page. The kids have found their groove, the young students becoming more independent and self-sustaining are starting to run efficiently and effectively.

The next NCM workshop took place at Youth Impact a program that provides youth in the Ogden community a safe place to meet. We are working with a group of 6 girls who are writing a song about empowerment and self respect. a sample of the song is as follows "My name is Dominique. Before you even Speak. You have to recognize you must treat me like a queen. Its Tay-Tay over here. Lets get something clear only positivity in my space or else don't come near."

On Wednesday we conducted our 1st workshop with the YMCA after school program at Mt. Ogden. The kids were extremely attentive, responsive and energetic. We were only scheduled to do one workshop, but this changed after the Director of the program saw and appreciated the impact our methods had on the students. We are now planning an 8 week workshop with the program.

We ending our week as it was started...MAGICALLY! We had the opportunity and blessing to work with a group of 20 students at the Utah Schools for the Deaf and Blind. Honestly I was a bit tentative about this. Uneasy if i would be able to relay the programs message effectively, but thankfully i was proven wrong and in an epic way. These kids were so creative and special. My heart was immediately filled and stolen by them.

- Amir

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